Controlling an Analog Modular Synthesizer Using a Mandala Drum

Here’s another quick Mandala Drum video I put together.  This one shows the pad controlling my analog modular synth via Pure Data.


The signal chain is as follows:

Mandala Drum
Pure Data
Presonus Firepod MIDI out
Blacet MIDIVERTER MIDI to CV (Control Voltage)
Moduar Synth
Presonus Firepod audio in
Ableton Live (compressor, short delay, and reverb)

The Mandala velocity CV signal is wired to the Noise Clock CV in on the Blacet Dark Star Chaos. The pad CC CV signal is wired to the Filter Cutoff CV in on the Filthy Filtre and the Carrier Frequency CV in on the Klang Werk.  You can find more information on the patch here:

Patch from video. Letter to letter is a connection. Click to enlarge.

In the background is an 808 beat, a soft synth bass, and a soft synth lead. Nothing flashy in this example (like the last), but it shows some of what this drum is capable of.


About morganhendry

I have been a musician and rocket scientist since 4th grade. I play drums/keyboards for the LA based instrumental rock band Beware of Safety (, write electronic music as The Laterite Road (, and just landed something on Mars ( More info can be found at my website ( Sign up here for updates on my many projects:
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