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Review of “One Night Closer to the End”, Free Downloads

The folks over at The Silent Ballet were kind enough to review my album, “One Night Closer to the End”: “One Night Closer to the End” The Laterite Road Score: 3/5 Beware of Safety’s Morgan Hendry missed 1990s ambient so … Continue reading

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Goodbye MSL

People I work with know I am…er…opinionated about this mission.  If all goes well, it’ll be my first hardware in space.  That said, it was not easy on me or the thousands of other people who toiled on this thing … Continue reading

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Windward Monopole Pinot Noir Vertical Tasting (2006, 2007, and 2008)

Our friends Ethan and Erin were down from San Francisco, and picked us up a little something from a great winery: Windward.  We all visited Windward in May of last year at the end of our wine tasting day.  We … Continue reading

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Drinking (or) New Beware of Safety Record!

I’m drinking this:                   Because I survived making this:                           The new album from Beware of Safety is now available … Continue reading

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Girl Parts

I’ve been doing some voiceover recording for a new web series called Girl Parts.  The rough cuts look very funny – definitely keep an eye out for it here.

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