#4 Ambiant Otaku – Tetsu Inoue

The album kicks off with Karmic Light, a track with a distinct 70’s or early 90’s feel.  Lots of analog synth arpeggios.  Everything starts very minimally with little melody.  It wasn’t until about 7:35 into Low of Vibration that I could hear any sort of melodic content.  All of it reminds me very much of Autechre, The Future Sound of London, and The Orb (all favorites of mine).  Ambiant Otaku has some very interesting dissonance.  The lack of a rigidly defined downbeat creates a disorienting sensation.  It reminds me strongly of Brian Eno’s Ambient 4.  Holy Dance was a standout track on the album.  I really enjoyed the floating feel and ancient voices in the beginning.

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I have been a musician and rocket scientist since 4th grade. I play drums/keyboards for the LA based instrumental rock band Beware of Safety (www.bewareofsafety.com), write electronic music as The Laterite Road (www.thelateriteroad.com), and just landed something on Mars (mars.jpl.nasa.gov). More info can be found at my website (www.morganhendry.com). Sign up here for updates on my many projects: http://morganhendry.fanbridge.com/
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